July 20, 2019 - 17 Tammuz 5779


Israeli Holocaust survivor helps buy bed for 102-year-old Polish rescuer

A Holocaust survivor from Israel donated money to buy a $1,200 medical bed for a 102-year-old non-Jewish woman from Warsaw, who risked her life to save other Jews from the genocide.

Versatile meals for family get togethers

In this week's edition of The Shabbat Table, Barbara Silverstein provides recipes that the whole family can enjoy, regardless of their dietary restrictions.

Natalie Portman mentions Anne Frank in post about immigration enforcement

Recalling a visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, Hollywood actress Natalie Portman wrote on Instagram that she “shudders” at the thought of young girls hiding from the U.S. government.



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Menschwarmers: The Golden Age of Jewish Boxing

Lou Eisen chats about Barney Ross, Sammy Luftspring and the Jewish boxer who invented footwork.

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