December 14, 2018 - 6 Tevet 5779


Saturday night comedy, at its finest

Mark Breslin writes about his love for Saturday Night Live.

A Roman Hanukkah

The storied Jewish community in Rome has a Hanukkah story that's worth telling.

Jewish chaplain lights a ceremonial hanukkiah at CFB Winnipeg

On Dec. 7, Canadian Air Force personnel stationed at CFB Winnipeg witnessed their first ever hanukkiah lighting.


Israeli troops kill Palestinian suspect in Ofra shooting attack

Israeli security forces shot and killed the son of a West Bank Hamas leader suspected of involvement in the shooting attack outside of the West Bank settlement of Ofra that left 7 injured and a newborn baby dead.


Living Jewish


Kiss considered from a Jewish point of view

Marc Weisblott writes about the personal and professional developments in the lives of the members of Kiss.

Shabbat Times




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