November 22, 2019 - 24 Cheshvan 5780


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Why Jews Should Be Furious at Don Cherry

"It is the responsibility of every Jewish person to say, 'That's not me who's being criticized here, but I need to stand up for somebody who is,' because that is a shared experience that we have."

Jews, Muslims share experiences of targeted hate

Highlights from an event on Nov. 19 at Toronto’s Imdadul Islamic Centre that focused on how to respond when encountering hatred, either as a direct victim or as a bystander.

Liberals spark outrage with anti-Israel UN vote

Anger and disappointment have greeted a major shift in Canada’s voting record on an Israel-related resolution at the United Nations.


2019 CJA final tally expected to reach $44.7 million

At the closing event of the 2019 Combined Jewish Appeal campaign in Montreal, general chair Marc Kakon announced a projected total of $44.7 million raised from approximately 10,000 donors.


Living Jewish


When depression, anxiety and motherhood collide

Michael Fraiman chats with author Samantha Bailey about the inspiration behind her debut thriller, Woman on the Edge.

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