January 23, 2020 - 26 Tevet 5780


Introducing The CJN’s Four New Podcasts

Avrum Rosensweig, Rebecca Eckler, Dan Aviv and Noah Leibtag join the network with all-new original programming.
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How the Canadian Diaspora can influence Israel

Not many Canadian Jews know about the World Zionist Congress. In this feature piece, Ron Csillag explains what "the supreme ideological and policy-making body of the Zionist movement" do.

Taube: Was Agatha Christie an anti-Semite?

Unfortunately, there’s always been a questionable element to Christie’s writing.


Half of American adults are unaware of basic facts about the...

Half of American adults are unaware of basic facts regarding Nazism and the Holocaust, including the number of Jews who were killed and how Nazis came to power.


Living Jewish


Hip-hop artist shoots for the stars with new album

David Silverberg speaks with rapper, singer and producer Myer Clarity about his latest album.

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