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Comedian is rising through the ranks at Second City

Nadine Djoury

Young and ambitious, Nadine Djoury is passionate about comedy and determined to succeed in the business.

A Montrealer, Djoury obtained a degree in business and commerce at McGill, then in 2007 headed down to New York City to work in the finance industry. However, after office hours she pursued her true love – comedy. Realizing that New York was a cornucopia of first-rate performing arts classes, she studied with various teachers and participated in amateur comedy reviews.

Her love affair with comedy heated up to the point at which she realized, “I want to make a go of this.” So, in 2011 she moved to Toronto where she ”immediately registered in classes at Second City” and “went full throttle into the comedy world.”

She now has been working with Second City for three years. This is her first year with the touring company. Initially, she worked with Second City’s Family and Education companies. She cut her comedy chops performing in Toronto area schools and in holiday shows for families. As a member of the touring company Djoury has had the opportunity to develop and write a show for the holiday season with her co-players. She describes the creation of Eat Buy Repeat as “a highly collaborative enterprise from premise to product via improv.” To be accepted into the company Djoury had to demonstrate a strong ability to write, improvise and perform comedy.

Djoury was up to the challenge. To stay sharp she is constantly working on her craft. She has performed with a number of sketch troupes. Currently, she writes and performs with The Weaker Vessels.

Her Second City show Eat Buy Repeat is composed of a number of naughty skits. One is about Mrs. Claus being trolled on Twitter. Another looks at the tribulations of being 30 and single during the winter holidays. Djoury is in a skit about a young woman who asks her fiancé to convert to Judaism.

As well as working on stage, Djoury has transported her art to the web. Inspired by the new frontiers performers in New York City were exploring, Djoury was “motivated to bring something unique to the Canadian environment.” She decided to create and produce an on-line comedy show. Newborn Moms formed in Djoury’s mind during a visit with her sister who was living the chaos of new parenthood.

Djoury’s partner in this endeavor is Aurora Browne, who formerly was Djoury’s coach. Together they write, develop and produce the series now entering its second season.


Initially, they recruited friends and colleagues from the comedy universe to help them create segments of Newborn Moms. However, recently thanks to being in the right place at the right time and other forms of good luck, Newborn Moms is now distributed by CBC on their on-line comedy page and by ABC as an app and on-line in their digital section. This means Djoury and Browne are financed and able to pay their crew. Even better, they have been receiving good buzz about their show.

Djoury’s eye is now on having her own comedy TV show. She also has discovered that she loves writing comedy and is looking for further opportunities to create her own material. She says, “I encourage people to make their own stuff, put it out there. You don’t know what will happen but always learn from the process.”

Djoury is starring in Eat, Buy, Repeat, the Second City’s Guide to the Holidays at starting Nov. 24 at Toronto’s Mainstage Theatre 51 Mercer St., Toronto. For tickets 416-343-0011.www.secondcity.com