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One-on-one with a Gotham star


Entering the second half of its third season, Gotham is gearing up to bring the heart of the Batman canon to prime-time television. When the series began, the focus was on the back story of detective James Gordon, the city’s primary protector, and his partner Harvey Bullock. Viewers have been moderately exposed to the journey of Gotham’s favourite son Bruce Wayne, who after the tragic loss of his parents, has been developing the skills and attitude to rise as the Dark Knight, the city’s future defender.

Visiting Toronto as a celebrity guest of Comicon last month, we caught up with David (pronounced Daveed) Mazouz who portrays the young Bruce Wayne in the series. In a candid interview Mazouz told us how he prepared for an Orthodox bar-mitzvah while he starred as Jake Bohm on the Fox series Touch opposite Keifer Sutherland, and went on to audition for and ultimately land his current gig.

Openly observant of his Judaism on set, Mazouz told us Gotham’s producers and craft services have been great at accommodating him with a shooting schedule that permits him to simultaneously carry on with his Judaic studies and receives kosher burgers for lunches between takes. Batman fans are in for a treat says Mazouz come the end of the season as a big event will propel his character forward on the road to becoming the DC Comics hero.

Be sure to tune in to the same Bat-time and same Bat-channel Monday nights on Fox.

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