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Presentations take you back to the golden age of radio

Publicity photo of Amon 'n' Andy while at CBS, circa early 1940s WIKI COMMONS PHOTO
Publicity photo of Amon 'n' Andy while at CBS, circa early 1940s WIKI COMMONS PHOTO

Those who are 55 years or over may remember The Lone Ranger, The Shadow, The Lux Radio Theatre and many more memorable radio programs. You can now go down the memory lane of radio with The Golden Age of Radio Guys, a nostalgic live program created by Ken Borden and David Himelfarb.

The duo, who have both been involved in the media for more than half a century and both love old radio shows, present their unique programs at seniors residences, synagogues and social engagements – performing for anyone from that era.

“They love us because we take them back to their age of innocence where everything was fun, light and simple, and the happiest days of their lives,” Borden says.

“Our presentation of four decades of radio programs from the 1930s to 1960s, is still alive and well in our audiences’ memories.

“When we refresh that memory, they come alive,” he added. “They smile, sing along and poke each other as they recognize familiar voices and sounds. And after our one-hour presentation, we receive many questions and requests.”


He notes that he has met many of the early stars of radio, performers of the past. “The best performers of all time. The audience loves to hear all about their old friends on radio.”
Borden, a multi-talented ad-man, artist and broadcaster, has one of the world’s largest Old Time Radio (OTR) collections. He works with U.S. OTR groups on a daily basis.

Himelfarb, a retired creative ad-man says, “The reactions of our various audiences have been nothing short of amazing. Not only do we play the many radio clips for them, but we also give them a little background information about what they are about to hear.

“And we make our presentations interactive. This makes the sound even more meaningful and they often chime in with any personal stories that refer to the clips that we are playing”

NOW Magazine described Borden and Himelfarb’s presentations as “The best feel-good show in town for seniors.”

Their presentation is filled with nostalgia, humour, music and suspense, with shows including The Jimmy Durante Show, Fred Allen, Inner Sanctum, Amos ’n Andy, Wayne and Shuster and The Happy Gang.

“We are also turned on by the audience’s involvement with the golden oldies. We love what we do,” Himelfarb told The CJN.


For more information on The Golden Age of Radio Guys, or for booking information, call Borden at 416-224-8184 or Himelfarb at 416-929-3989, or email [email protected].

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