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Menschwarmers: The Tale of Team Israel

A still from Heading Home: The Tale of Team Israel.

The odds were stacked against Team Israel in the World Baseball Classic – not to mention the difficulties faced by the small team of Jewish filmmakers who decided to follow them on their journey of self-discovery from the United States to Israel and South Korea. Jonathan Mayo, a baseball journalist for MLB.com and MLBPipeline.com, joins the Menschwarmers in chatting about how that documentary got made and how Jewish ball players often feel like the odd ones out.

Menschwarmers is hosted by Gabe Pulver and Jamie Hirsh, and produced and edited by Alex Rose. Michael Fraiman is the supervising producer. Our music is “Brass” by 4bstr4ck3r feat. Daman. You can follow the Menschwarmers on Twitter, find Jonathan on Twitter and learn about Heading Home here, or read The CJN‘s interview with the film’s directors.

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