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Menschwarmers: Wither the Kosherdome

Josh Rosen is heading to the Miami Dolphins, whose hometown Hard Rock Stadium is one of the few football stadiums to serve kosher food. (Hkobb7/Wikimedia)

How many football stadiums do you think serve kosher food? The answer: fewer than you think. On this week’s Menschwarmers podcast, Gabe and Jamie chat about the lack of kosher food in arenas across America, plus a recap of big Jewish sports news. (Enjoy Miami, Josh Rosen!)

Menschwarmers is hosted by Gabe Pulver and Jamie Hirsh, and produced and edited by Alex Rose. Michael Fraiman is the supervising producer. Our music is “Brass” by 4bstr4ck3r feat. Daman, and our ad music is “Our Big Adventure” by Scott Holmes. Follow the Menschwarmers on Twitter.

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