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Your Daily Spiel For August 7


Israeli Arab leaders filed a petition today to the High Court of Justice against the nation-state law. Adalah, an Arab legal rights group, claimed that the law passed on July 19 is “racist, massively harmful to fundamental human rights” and rejects Palestinian national rights.

In the new episode of Sacha Baron Cohen’s TV series Who Is America?, which premiered on Showtime and CraveTV on Sunday night, his character Israeli sergeant Erran Morad taught a terrorist attack readiness class to Shaun McCutcheon, a conservative commentator. U.S. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a hard-line jailer who hopes to run for Senate, was interviewed by a new character, Finnish YouTuber OMGWhizzBoyOMG!.

Amazon removed racist and anti-Semitic products from its site, which were offered by third-party sellers. Some of the products removed include a Nazi swastika pendant, a Nazi eagle sticker, a cross-burning onesie for baby boys, and books by white nationalist printing houses.

The Israeli technology firm Flytrex, an on-demand drone delivery service, announced today that it will be expanding to 13 supply routes in Reykjavik, Iceland. The upgraded service will also include an advanced wire-drop system that will safely lower packages directly to consumers’ backyards.

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