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Your Daily Spiel For June 19


Natan Schottenfels, an Israeli producer, revealed in a Facebook post that he produced Apes**t – The Carters, a music video featuring Beyonce and Jay-Z in the Louvre, released on Saturday. The clip has already more than 18 million views.

Former Israeli energy and infrastructure minister Gonen Segev was accused of spying on Israel for Iran, but he claimed he was helping his homeland. Segev said he was trying to “fool the Iranians and come back to Israel a hero.”

U.S. President Donald Trump signed a secret letter that pledged not to pressure Israel into relinquishing its nuclear weapons. “We accepted the Israeli argument that they’re not going to disarm under current conditions in the Middle East,” the New Yorker quoted a former U.S. official saying.

Maktub, an Israeli “gangster comedy” film, debuted on Netflix on Friday. In the film, gangsters decide to switch career paths after surviving a terror attack and visiting the Western Wall.

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