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Your Daily Spiel For May 25

Harvey Weinstein turns himself in for rape and sexual abuse charges. (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported/ Wikimedia Commons)

Harvey Weinstein turned himself on Friday in New York to face the first criminal case against him. He was arraigned on rape, criminal sex and other sex-related charges. He agreed to post a US$1million bail.

Gal Gadot is producing, and possibly starring in a film based on the true story of how an American journalist became one of Fidel Castro’s confidantes. The movie is based on Lisa Howard, an ABC journalist, who helped establish a secret channel between Cuba and Washington after the Cuban missile crisis.

Workers digging a new pipeline in Jerusalem accidentally discovered an ancient underground stalactite cave. The cave is 900 feet below ground and 46 feet long. Stalactites are formed from the slow dripping of water over thousands of years, which form limestone and dolomite cones on the ceilings and floors.

During Question Period on May 22, Federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “ignored” Hamas’ involvement in the recent Gaza Strip violence. He asked Trudeau to apologize and condemn the terrorist group for the tragic events that occurred.

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