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Rabbi Acoca on Parashat Lech Lecha

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We all have doubts, which can make our lives challenging. As King Solomon writes in Chapter 15 of Mishlei (Proverbs), “The light of the eyes makes the heart happy; good news fattens the bone.” The commentators explain that the eyes shine from having doubts disappear, thus making the heart happy.

So how do we deal with doubts? The Torah gives us an answer by introducing us to our forefather Abraham.

Abraham’s life was filled with doubts. God commanded him to leave his birthplace and go to the land that He would show him. God promised that He would protect Abraham and his entire family. God promised Abraham that he would be very wealthy.

However, the Torah writes that when Abraham got to the land where God had commanded him to go to, there was a famine. Abraham subsequently leaves the land with his wife, Sarah, and goes to Egypt. When the Egyptians see Sarah, they take her from Abraham to the pharaoh since she is so beautiful.

But what happened to God’s promises? God was testing Abraham by planting doubts in his mind.

How did Abraham deal with those doubts? The Torah writes that he continued to follow God. He was extremely focused. He turned to God for guidance at all times! Finally, after 10 arduous tests, God  took away all the doubts from Abraham.

Abraham taught the people of the world that they could just turn to God for guidance whenever they had a doubt, and to not give up, even if it takes perseverance.

Let us all pray that we should not have any doubts, but whenever we do, let us turn to God for His guidance and support. He will never leave us! 

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