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Your Daily Spiel For May 11

Scene from the film Sobibor.

Guatemala and Paraguay will be following the U.S.’s decision to move their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Both countries are amidst political crises and are looking to the U.S. for support. The two countries plan to make the move this month. In addition, Czech Republic decided last month that they will be moving their embassy too.

Sobibor, a film about the Nazis’ smallest scale killing centre in occupied Poland, which Soviet inmates successfully escaped from in 1943, has become a box office hit in Russia. The film is one of the goriest Holocaust movies made. It begins with naked women being thrown into the gas chambers, features a rape scene, beatings, and stabbings.

Wedding Factory, a Brazilian reality TV series featuring 15 couples that have seven days to get married, could not find a rabbi to marry an interfaith couple. The producers asked 70 rabbis. The couple proceeded to get married on TV, despite the religious setback.

Temple Kol Ami and Neshamah Congregation, two reform synagogues north of Toronto, are considering merging. A vote will be held next month at each respective congregation. Neshamah currently does not have a permanent space for their congregation. The merger will solve this problem.

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