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Latke poutine: the most non-kosher Chanukah food imaginable


WARNING: This video is over-the-top with expletives (mind you, it’s censored).

While Americans may furrow their brows when their Canadian counterparts attempt to explain the wondrous creation that is poutine, the Quebec delicacy of fries, beef gravy and cheese curds has caught on throughout the rest of the country, particularly Toronto.

At its core, poutine is extremely non-kosher, as two of its three main ingredients are meat and cheese-based. For the Montreal Jew behind Handle It, a spin-off of YouTube cooking channel Epic Meal Time – which stars Canadian Jew Harley Morenstein – he makes a poutine that’s even less kosher whilst simultaneously adding a Jewish theme. It’s latke poutine, with bacon.

The video begins with the chef calling his rabbi for a recipe for latkes, and then asking him, “where’s the bacon?” at which point he hangs up the phone. “Sorry, rabbi,” he says.

For Jews who do keep kosher, there’s an easy solution to this predicament by using a vegetable (usually mushroom) gravy instead, and removing the bacon. Feel free to make this substitution if you follow this recipe. It will certainly mean less calories.

Regardless, whether you’re Canadian or American, kosher or not, a latke poutine does seem fairly mouthwatering. If you’re looking for a Chanukah soundtrack to accompany your cooking, click here.