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Mentos: fresh maker and lover of Israel

"I Love Israel" Mentos

Mentos, the mint and fruit-flavoured candy available around the world, is notorious for freshening people’s breath. But it seems like soon they’ll also be known as proud supporters of the State of Israel.

Several photos of a Mentos package bearing the words “I Love Israel” have recently begun circulating on social media, with many Twitter users condemning the company for supporting the Jewish state and threatening a boycott, while others have applauded its decision.





Pro-Israel blog IsraellyCool notes that a photo of an “I Love Israel” Mentos candy first appeared online during the summer of 2014, but has gained prominence over the last month in the midst of ongoing terror attacks in Israel:

While many photos suggest, due to the surrounding candy bars, that the “I Love Israel” edition was available in American convenience stores, a clearer photo of the candy shows Hebrew writing, indicating that it’s likely only available in Israel:

Mentos has yet to respond to The CJN‘s request for comment.


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