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Baycrest Terraces get a makeover, to the tune of $30M

Renovations to the Baycrest Terraces will begin in August

Baycrest Health Sciences is embarking on a two-year, $30-million upgrade and renovation to the Terraces of Baycrest retirement home.

The changes to the 41-year-old seniors residence will see improved common areas and entryways, the addition of a new health centre, an upgraded dining room and improved facilities for those who require greater assistance.

Three floors of the building will be designated for assisted living and memory care, where residents can receive support for bathing and attending meals. The other floors will continue to be independent retirement living floors, Baycrest said in a news release.

Construction is scheduled to begin in August.

The Terraces of Baycrest is part of a larger facility that provides a variety of health services to seniors, as well as retirement residences. The Terraces of Baycrest “currently offers independent supportive living to residents. Assisted living and memory care services are new offerings that will enable our residents to more easily age in place,” said William Reichman, president and CEO of Baycrest Health Sciences.

“The Terraces’ new assisted living and memory care floors will give Terraces-eligible residents requiring additional support for daily living the care they need. For instance, they will have personal assistance for bathing, medication management and access to a 24-hour care team, among other care services,” Reichman stated.

Among the changes contemplated in the renovation project are upgrades to the swimming pool, locker rooms and entrances to the Wagman Centre, an on-site community centre, along with a new cafe; renovations to the Terraces kitchen to include both kosher dairy and meat preparation areas – the residence currently has only a meat kitchen; a more restaurant-like dining experience with new menu options; and a new health centre for Baycrest health and wellness staff.

The $30-million renovation cost will be raised through “third-party debt financing,” Reichman said.

“Baycrest is currently in the process of finalizing financing for the project and is very confident that the funds will be secured,” he added.

“We continue to move ahead with the project. We have secured the necessary capital dollars to commence the first phase of the project and anticipate finalizing financing for the complete project in the near future.”


As for the fees charged to residents, Reichman said, “We expect fees will remain unchanged this year, except for standard annual rent increases as permitted under the Residential Tenancies Act. Fees for services are commensurate with market rates for the type of service being provided. Fees for assisted living and memory care are typically higher than those for independent supportive living, due to increased services provided to those residents.”

Fees at the Terraces “are market-based” and “comparable to other seniors’ residences in the local community,” he added.

Referring to the planned upgrades, Anna Ballon, executive director of residential living and community programs at the Terraces, said, “these changes are a continuation of improvements we have been making to the Terraces over the past year and are a direct result of feedback from our clients, and represent best practices in the residential retirement home sector.”

The Terraces, located at the west end of the Baycrest complex, can accommodate more than 200 residents, who range in age from 65 to 104. At present there are approximately 160 seniors living in the facility, with a waiting list subject to a freeze during the renovation process.

Reichman said Baycrest expects to begin admitting new residents by the end of the year.