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Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg reappointed to West Central Montreal Health

Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg

Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg has been appointed to a second term as the professional head of the regional body that administers public health and social services in the west end of Montreal.

He has served as president and chief executive officer of the CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest de l’Ile de Montréal, commonly referred to as West Central Montreal Health, since its creation three years ago under the sweeping reforms of Bill 10.

His reappointment was approved by Quebec Health Minister Gaétan Barrette, after being recommended by the CIUSSS board of directors.

West Central Montreal Health administers most of the institutions associated with the Jewish community, including the Jewish General Hospital (JGH), Jewish Eldercare Centre, Maimonides Geriatric Centre, Mount Sinai Hospital and the Miriam Centre.


Rosenberg previously served as the executive director of the JGH, as well as the hospital’s chief of surgery.

“Dr. Rosenberg’s reappointment is truly welcome because it provides our network with the continuity it needs,” stated Alan Maislin, president of the board.

“During his first term, Dr. Rosenberg proved to be a strong and supremely capable leader whose primary concern, on a consistent basis, was finding ways to improve the quality of care for health-care users and to ensure that their needs take top priority.”

Maislin also broached the ongoing concerns over the cultural and linguistic identity of these institutions now that they no longer have their own management, saying that Rosenberg “has also done his utmost to preserve the culture and unique identities of the various facilities within our network. I am very happy that these objectives will remain solidly in place.”

Rosenberg, who reportedly sought to head the McGill University Health Centre in 2016, expressed his satisfaction with his current role.

“I am especially heartened by the extent to which members of the staff, senior management, the board of directors, our tireless volunteers and our generous donors have pulled together to distinguish our CIUSSS,” he said.

“While operating within a radically new management structure, they all forged ahead with programs, initiatives and major renovations to improve the quality and environment of care.

“Like the improvement of quality, the process of continuing to build our CIUSSS is an ongoing task, and I have no doubt that significant challenges await us. However, I am equally confident that given the insightfulness, determination, ingenuity and warmth that I have encountered in all of our facilities, we are definitely up to the task.”