Home News Canada Inaugural class of Montreal’s Chomedey UTT school holds 50th reunion

Inaugural class of Montreal’s Chomedey UTT school holds 50th reunion

Former Chomedey United Talmud Torahs students from the class of 1968 retake their original class photo, 50 years later.

Former classmates of the first Chomedey United Talmud Torahs (UTT) class recently came together in Montreal to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their graduation. The majority of the 22 students attended.

A reunion dinner followed by a brunch and an afternoon of bowling and friendly competition “brought out great memories, lots of laughs and rekindled friendships,” says Shelley Lubiner Paris.

Those not still living in Montreal came in from Toronto, Israel and Newfoundland.


“Making sure that everyone was included was part of the fun; those who were unable to make the trip were included through social media,” she said, such as their Grade 7 teacher, Dorothy Brown Diamond, who spoke to her former students from her home in British Columbia.

Reunion organizer Lauren Marks Vesely said that, “Our UTT days fostered many close relationships with bonds formed that remain solid till today. It was a truly heartwarming weekend.”

Graduate Neil Hyman agreed in a message afterward, echoing the sentiments of the group: “I will remember the fun we had together for a long time. It is amazing that even after decades of not seeing so many of you, we all just picked up where we left off. The special bond we all share together will keep us connected to each other for the rest of our days.”

Chomedey UTT closed in the 1980s, as the Jewish population in the area declined.