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Quebec Hasidim have abided by their court order


Several dozen Hasidic Jews have abided by an eviction order and left their residences in the Laurentian town of Saint-Agathe.

A Quebec court ordered the houses to be vacated as of July 8 but town officials said they reached a deal with the residents, who agreed to leave no later than July 26.

The town had sought the order following complaints that the group was violating local bylaws by using the residences as a place of worship and a dormitory.


There were also complaints about garbage piling up around the building and loud gatherings lasting late into the night.

The Hasidim consisted of 40 to 50 men in their early 20s, Alex Werzberger, a spokesman for the Hasidic community, told The CJN.

He said they were using the two homes as a summer camp between sessions of yeshiva study, and that some of them returned to their homes in Montreal following their eviction. Werzberger said other residents were from out of town.

The men resided in two homes where members of the Hasidic Lev Tahor community once lived in Sainte-Agathe before they left the province in 2013.

Lev Tahor had sold the two residences to private individuals, who rented them to the Hasidic men, Werzberger said.