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At UNESCO, Austria slams Belgian carnival featuring anti-Semitism

A parade float at the Aalst Carnaval in Belgium features caricatures of Orthodox Jews atop money bags. (FJO photo)

At UNESCO, Austria condemned a Belgian carnival that featured an anti-Semitic display.

The unusual exchange about the March 3 carnival in Aalst occurred on Thursday at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

The Aalst carnival, one of Europe’s flashiest, was added in 2010 to the list of heritage of humanity events of UNESCO, the United Nations body on culture.

The 2019 edition featured a float whose creators said was about rising prices, with grimacing haredi Jew figures amid money bags. One of the figures had a puppet rat on his jacket. Dancers dressed like haredi Jews with rat puppets on their lapels danced on the float.

The display sparked an outcry. A petition urging UNESCO to de-list the event has received more than 15,000 signatures.  Aalst mayor defended the display. Complaints by Jewish groups over the alleged incitement in the display are pending.


Austria and Poland condemned the display during the meeting Wednesday by a bureau, or governing body, of UNESCO. The bureau has six rotating member states. The Colombian chairmanship of the committee was instrumental in facilitating a discussion about Aalst, according to Shimon Samuels, the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s international relations director.

The Polish and Austrian delegates “oppose any attempt to sugarcoat this example of what they said was anti-Semitism pure and simple,” said Samuels, whose organization is an associate partner of UNESCO.

Barring action by Belgian authorities, a draft resolution on the Aalst carnival may lead to de-listing the event during a committee meeting in Colombia in December, Samuels said.

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