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Your daily spiel for Monday, Aug. 29


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This could get ugly. When it comes to the Seinfeld vs. Friends debate, most television junkies subscribe to a single school of thought regarding which was the better show. For Seinfeld fans, Friends simply doesn’t have the banter, the awkwardness, the dialogue. For supporters of Friends, Seinfeld didn’t have the romance, the silliness or Ross and Rachel. Last night, Jerry Seinfeld himself weighed in on the debate and appealed to all those Seinfeld die-hards with a statement they likely believe to be true: that Friends is just a Seinfeld rip-off, with better looking people. That’s gold, Jerry. Gold.

Looks like they had an awesome time. We all know about Omri Casspi’s star-studded delegation to Israel last month, but if you too are a visual learner you’ll likely get a better understanding via a new video released by the NBPA (The National Basketball Player’s Association). The video documents the hi-jinks of Casspi and his entourage, including Jeremy Piven, Rudy Gay, Amar’e Stoudemire, Chris Copeland, Shawn Marion, and many more, as they learned about Casspi’s homeland and gave back to Israeli communities.

Revolutionary vision. Israeli startup OrCam, whose technology gives people with visual impairments the ability to connect with the world around them, has finally arrived in Canada, setting up its headquarters in Toronto. With OrCam’s MyEye headset device and platform, users with visual impairments are able to receive information in order to identify text in newspapers or street signs, or even people’s faces. “With OrCam, we are mobile,” said one user during OrCam’s presentation at AIPAC 2014. “We can hold a book in our hands, we can read on the bus, we can turn page to page from front to cover. We can read just like you, with you.”

Canada would make way more sense than Australia. Iconic Jewish singer and staunch Hillary Clinton supporter Barbra Streisand said this week that if Donald Trump were actually to win the U.S. presidential election, she’d move to Australia, or better yet, Canada! We’d be happy to have you, Bar. Last week, the 74-year-old joined Jimmy Fallon for a song mocking Trump’s campaign. Watch that below:

No dice for Arye Eliyahu Cohen. The Israeli Supreme Court rejected an appeal by 66-year-old Arye Eliyahu Cohen against extradition to the U.S., where he was charged with selling arms to Iran. Cohen, who was arrested in 2014 as he attempted to flee Israel, was indicted for illegally selling combat aircraft to Iran, as well as illegally moving military equipment out of the U.S. and money laundering.

Who could blame her? After a seemingly endless barrage of scandals and controversies involving her husband Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin has finally announced she’s filing for divorce. The news comes just one day after the New York Post published yet another photo exchange between Weiner and a woman who isn’t his wife. This time, Weiner sent a photo of himself in his boxers, while his three-year-old son can be seen in the background. Abedin has asked that her privacy be respected during this difficult time. As for Weiner, honestly, how did this guy not learn from his mistakes?

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