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Your daily spiel for Thursday, Aug. 11


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They realize that Sabra’s mostly made in the U.S., right? A “Boycott Israeli Apartheid” sticker was suspiciously found at a Sobeys grocery store in Richmond Hill where a large number of Jews and Israelis dwell. Coincidence? Unlikely. The sticker was found on a container of Sabra Hummus, an Israeli-American company (but produced primarily in the U.S). Police will not be investigating. “I private messaged everybody that had posted the image [on Facebook] to go out and buy as much of the product as they could,” said StandWithUS Canada director Meryl Kates. It’s apparently an initiative that’s been getting great results.

The customer who bought this hummus posted a picture of it on Facebook.
The customer who bought this hummus posted a picture of it on Facebook.

It’s not only found in chicken, apparently. Some two hundred tons of tahini are bound for the trash after Tehinat Hanasich, a major producer of hummus and tahini products in Israel, admitted its tahini was likely tainted with salmonella. In a bid to halt the spread of the product, the company has issued a ten-day recall. Tehinat Hanasich’s CEO, however, believes it may already be too late for many Israelis who have likely already consumed the tainted product.

Probably not the best way to respond to a fan. Jewish reggae artist Matisyahu has apologized to a fan who harshly criticized his recent performance, which lead him to call her child “ugly as f**k” on Facebook. The fan’s profile pic is of a child, presumably her son. The fan wrote that she’s seen Matisyahu live four times, and the latest performance was his “worst,” to which Matisyahu, noticeably irritated, responded with a lengthy rant:

The singer later explained his poor choice of words, adding that, at three months sober, he can get angry sometimes when he’s responding to his fans on social media.

Google Maps can’t locate Palestine. Pro-Palestinian advocates were up in arms after a Google Maps bug removed the labels for ‘West Bank’ and ‘Gaza Strip,’ saying Google had removed ‘Palestine’ from its maps as “part of the Israeli scheme to establish its name as a legitimate state for generations to come and abolish Palestine once and for all.” Google released a statement, however, saying there never was a label for ‘Palestine’ to begin with, and it was working on eliminating the bug. Meanwhile, hashtags like #BoycottGoogle and #PalestineIsHere have popped up on Twitter.

You’re a bit of one yourself. A British judge and a neo-Nazi had an exchange of expletives in court this week, after the Nazi called her “a bit of a c**t.” The judge, surprisingly, responded in kind: “You are a bit of a c**t yourself. Being offensive to me doesn’t help.” The two continued to exchange swears, before the neo-Nazi reportedly got upset, performed a Nazi salute, and sang, “Jews, gas them all.” Hope he gets what’s coming to him.

Arab hostility towards Israel shines at Rio Games. Both StandWithUs and the Anti-Defamation League issued statements this week condemning the hostility towards Israel at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. “Shocking but not surprisingly, the Lebanese and Saudi delegations obviously have the wrong idea about the Olympic Games,” read the statement from StandWithUs. “Instead of using the events to forget animosity and promote peace between people, they have brought their brainwashed minds to Rio. How unfortunate that they could not implement the good, peaceful intentions of the Olympics, and instead have used it as a forum to spread hate and continued rejection of peace.”

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