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Your daily spiel for Friday, April 22 (Passover edition)

A Rugrats Passover

Your Daily Spiel is The CJN‘s daily roundup of trending stories in the Jewish world. For our Passover edition, we’re offering a collection of Passover-themed news stories, recipes, opinion pieces, essays, and parody videos. Chag Pesach Samayach!!


Montreal restaurant issues recall for all kosher for Passover foods

Jewish anti-Israel activists arrested at Passover protests

Jerusalem police thwart Passover plot to sacrifice goats in Old City

Matzah marijuana LE'OR PHOTO
Matzah marijuana LE’OR PHOTO

Haredi rabbi says  marijuana is kosher for Passover

Canadians weigh in on Conservative movement’s ruling in favour of kitniyot

Family seder a tradition for more than 65 years

Hillary Clinton links her policies to ancient lessons of Passover

Ted Cruz makes matzah with Brooklyn kids


A Pesach Miracle

There’s more to do to reach the Promised Land

What does Liberation mean?

Modern seder raises more than four questions

A page from the 'Bird's Head Haggadah'
A page from the ‘Bird’s Head Haggadah’

The evolution of the Haggadah: A collector’s perspective

The lessons of the Exodus in political realism in 2016

Leave an empty seder chair for a Jew murdered by terrorists this year


The Shabbat Table: Delicious Passover dishes you can prepare ahead of Shabbat

Stuffed Gefilte fishA riff on gefilte fish – Beyond the tried, tested and true

Mediterranean specialties for Passover

From Alaska to Ethiopia: Passover seders from around the world

Pan pals share favourite sponge cakes

Salads for Passover

Matzah meal desserts

Food can be healthy at Pesach too


It’s not Passover without sponge cake

Passover pickle dishes your family will relish

Kids will love these breakfast ideas for Passover

Chocolate desserts for Passover


The Maccabeats present: A Passover parody of your favourite Justin Bieber songs

Book highlights Passover around the world

A very special YidLife Crisis seder (Haggadah included)

New Passover parodies spoof Adele, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson

Airline safety parody teaches seder etiquette

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