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Ayelet Shaked will run again for Knesset

Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett (R), former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (L), March 17, 2019. (Flash90 photo)

Israel’s former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said she would remain in politics and run in the national elections in September, though she did not say with which party she will run.

Shaked is not eligible to run in the upcoming election with the ruling Likud Party, after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided against waiving a mandatory three-year qualification period before being able to run for Knesset with Likud.

Shaked broke, with former Education Minister Naftali Bennett, from the Jewish Home Party for the elections in April, but their newly formed The New Right Party failed to get enough votes to pass the minimum threshold.

Shaked could run with The New Right Party or with the Union of Right Wing Parties, which includes her former Party, The Jewish Home, or form her own new party.

Netanyahu fired Shaked as Justice Minister last month, saying she had lost the confidence of the electorate.

Shaked said last week at a farewell event at the Justice Ministry: “Take care of this office, because I definitely intend to return.”

She was replaced in her position by Likud lawmaker Amir Ohana, the first openly gay Israeli government minister.

Meanwhile, Labor party head Avi Gabbay announced on Tuesday that he will not run again for head of the party, after leading Labor to one of its worst ever election showings. The Labor party primary will be held on July 2.

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