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Your Daily Spiel For August 1

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn issued a statement claiming that anti-Semitism would not be tolerated in his party WIKI COMMONS PHOTO
Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn WIKI COMMONS PHOTO

UK Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn apologized today for “concerns and anxiety” caused by an event he hosted at the House of Commons in 2010 called “Never Again for Anyone — Auschwitz to Gaza” in which a Holocaust survivor compared Israel’s treatment of Gaza to the Nazis’ treatment of Jews. “Views were expressed at the meeting which I do not accept or condone,” Corbyn said.

Booking.com, a travel reservation website, fixed its listing which called Jerusalem an “Israeli settlement,” after Michael Freilich, the editor-in-chief of a Belgian Jewish newspaper, probed the company. Booking.com never responded to Freilich, but fixed the subject within a few hours of his query.

The Israeli Supreme Court told Agudath Israel, an ultra-Orthodox political party, on Tuesday that it needs to allow women to run on its slate as candidates for national and local elections. The court is giving the party until Sept. 2 to do that. If they do not agree by then the court will issue a legal ruling.

Graffiti reading “no to Zionists, no to Israel” was painted on a synagogue in western France. The vandalism was discovered on Saturday at the main synagogue in the coastal city of Le Havre, 160 kilometres northwest of Paris.

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