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Week of Jan. 21, 2016

Letters to the Editor THE CJN PHOTO
Letters to the Editor THE CJN PHOTO

The dilemma of Jewish terror

Like most Jews, I am saddened and shocked and horrified at the idea of Jewish terrorism, specifically the Duma attack resulting in the death of a toddler and his parents and the severe injury of a four-year-old child (“Police reveal full details behind July attack”).

In no way do I condone or excuse or accept such behaviour.

However, I can understand the sheer frustration and sense of helplessness that may lead to a misguided belief that murder of innocents is an option.

The situation in Israel is untenable where Israelis are murdered at random by car-wielding and knife-wielding murderers.

The sense of fear must be immense, exacerbated by the terror attack earlier this month in Tel Aviv. The government is not doing enough to stop the horror.

The world continues to blame Israel, even as Jews are being attacked and murdered. Is it any wonder that some Jews feel that they must take the law into their own hands?

It is not the solution, and nothing good can come of terrorism of any sort.

But unless there is a more concerted attempt by the Israeli government to end the current wave of terrorism, it is likely that some Jews may continue to fight the wrong of Arab terrorism with the wrong of Jewish terrorism, though even saying those words is an oxymoron.

Kathy Schneider


Column disturbed

I am 78 years old, and I, along with many of your elder readership, found the column “Reflections on the final journey” in the worst possible taste.

I really did not need to know that there will be holes the size of golf balls at the bottom of my casket, letting in various bugs and flies, etc., to allow forensic entomologists, should they be interested, to tell exactly how long my body has been decomposing.

Lillian Sherman


Jewish family services

In the article “JF&CS reaches out to Orthodox community,” Toronto’s Jewish Family and Child (JF&CS) is described as the “only Jewish child welfare agency mandated by the government in North America.”

As the recently appointed director of communications at Jewish Child and Family Service in Winnipeg, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our agency, which is also officially mandated by the province of Manitoba to provide child welfare services.

Our agency here in Winnipeg has an impact on over one-third of the Jewish community providing financial assistance to over 800 families including 500 children living under the poverty line and 20 children living in foster care.

Our agency is proud to be a part of the North American Association of Jewish Family & Children’s Agencies (AJFCA) and a government mandated agency providing vital services to our local community.

Rena Elbaze


Our question is answered

On Jan. 7, The CJN asked, “What do you hope 2016 will bring for the Jewish community?”

I am hoping for less anti-Semitism, as well as peace in Israel!

Gail Goldstein

Cote St. Luc, Quebec