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Introducing The CJN’s Four New Podcasts


The CJN Podcast Network is launching four new shows! In this episode of The Canadian Jewish Shmooze, Avrum Rosensweig, Rebecca Eckler, Dan Aviv and Noah Leibtag personally introduce themselves and their programs, which will feature lengthy interviews, culinary investigations and celebrations of our community.

Also on this episode, Ella Burakowski talks about her Holocaust advocacy work, while our full panel debates a big question: Do Jews need to worry about the board game “Secret Hitler”?

Listen right here, and scroll down for more details about each show:

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The Canadian Jewish Shmooze is hosted by Michael Fraiman and Alex Rose. This week’s episode was produced and edited by Michael Fraiman. Our intro music is by Vanya Zhuk and outro music is by Latché Swing. Like The CJN Podcast Network on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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Here’s a rundown of each new CJN Podcast Network show:

Rebecca Eckler loves bubbes: they’re cute, blunt and wise. In Canada, many are also community leaders and volunteers who rarely get to share their stories. In Bubbes & Bagels, Rebecca—a writer and editor at SavvyMom.ca—will be sitting down, chatting, gossiping, learning from and sharing a meal with a bubbe who deserves to be highlighted and celebrated. Bubbes & Bagels is a joint podcast from Toronto’s legendary United Bakers Dairy Restaurant and The CJN Podcast Network.

The phrase Kol Ram literally means “a loud voice” in Hebrew, and veteran radio host, CJN contributor and HatRadio! host Avrum Rosensweig certainly has a loud voice—and a valuable one. Every month, Avrum invites a different guest to share their story and better understand what it means to be Jewish. Whether it’s a local butcher or a federal politician, Avrum listens to their stories in a long-form interview to better understand what makes the Canadian Jewish community worth celebrating.

United we snack, divided we fall! Host of the Comedy Bar’s monthly Snack Time Comedy show, Noah Leibtag is a sucker for a good snack. On a mission to experience the multicultural snack world beyond his Jewish upbringing, Noah will sit down with a different non-Jewish comic each month. Each episode, Noah brings a Jewish snack, and his comic guests bring one from their own culture. They swap, taste and rate the snacks. (And hopefully they also make jokes.)

What’s the Chosen Food? Dr. Dan Aviv, host of the long-running TanakhCast, wants to find out. He’s studied, written about, cooked and eaten food for years, and now he’s bringing his expertise in Canadian Jewish cuisine to The CJN Podcast Network with this new six-part monthly podcast series. Listen to stories, analysis and insight into the delicious world of deli, hummus, fish and laffa—but maybe not on an empty stomach.