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Listen: A Syrian Refugee on His Love for Israel

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Kol Avrum is a monthly interview podcast from The CJN Podcast Network. Host Avrum Rosensweig invites listeners to join him for in-depth conversations that cut to the core of what it means to live a Jewish life, both in Canada and beyond.

On the debut episode of Kol Avrum, Avrum’s guest is the resilient and fascinating Aboud Dandachi, a refugee from Syria who spent his early years buying the government line that Israelis are evil. After years travelling around the Middle East—eventually arriving in Canada—Aboud slowly realized that the true danger wasn’t Israel, but perhaps his own people.

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Kol Avrum is hosted by Avrum Rosensweig. This episode was mixed and edited by Howard Pasternack. Michael Fraiman is the executive producer, and our music is by Kevin MacLeod. Like us on Facebook and Twitter, and listen to Hatradio!, Avrum’s other long-form interview podcast.

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