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Listen: Breaking Down Trump’s Peace Plan


Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century” is proving to be little more than a hollow marketing campaign. To better understand the situation from the Israeli perspective, Etery Podolsky, a Russian-Israeli graphic designer at The CJN, joins Michael and Alex to offer her take on the plan’s value. Plus: Hear an excerpt from our new podcast, Kol Avrum, where host Avrum Rosensweig sits down with Syrian refugee Aboud Dandachi to chat about Syrians’ perceptions (and misconceptions) of Israelis.

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The Canadian Jewish Shmooze is hosted by Michael Fraiman and Alex Rose. This week’s episode was produced and edited by Michael Fraiman. Our intro music is by Vanya Zhuk and outro music is by Latché Swing. Like The CJN Podcast Network on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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