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Listen: Remembering Norene Gilletz

Second Helpings Please! by Norene Gilletz was originally published in 1968.

We’ve got a major announcement in today’s episode: co-host Alex Rose, sadly, is leaving the show. Fortunately, we couldn’t be happier with his replacement, Ella Burakowski, who joins in-studio to recall her favourite memories of Canada’s queen of kosher cuisine, Norene Gilletz. Plus: Michael interviews musician and composer Adi Berkovits about his upcoming concert, an homage to his father’s journey home after the Holocaust.

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The Canadian Jewish Shmooze is hosted by Michael Fraiman and Alex Rose. This week’s episode was produced and edited by Michael Fraiman. Our intro music is by Vanya Zhuk and outro music is by Latché Swing. Like The CJN Podcast Network on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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