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Your daily spiel for Monday, April 24

Yellow star Jews wore during the occupation of France by Nazi Germany. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Your Daily Spiel is The CJN’s daily roundup of trending stories in the Jewish world.

More from Chabon: Michael Chabon has a new novel out.

A hard look at Holocaust education: In honour of Yom Hashoah today, read survivor Eli Honig’s piece criticizing the ways Holocaust education and academic “Holocaust studies” are currently approached by the Jewish community.

Not his first first rodeo: The Israeli-American teenager arrested last month for a series of bomb threats against JCCs across the United States and Canada was charged in district court in Tel Aviv today with thousands of additional offences, including targeting a Republican senator.

Give Israel a break at UN: Israel has the right to be treated like any other UN member state, was what the United Nations Secretary-General said at yesterday’s World Jewish Congress’ Plenary Assembly.

French Jews on France’s election: Reactions from France’s Jewish community to the results of yesterday’s first round of presidential elections were mixed.

Just say ‘Jew:’ This New York Times reporter wishes Donald Trump, and other public figures, would stop resorting to the term “Jewish” and straight up use the word “Jew.”