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Your Daily Spiel for June 12

Prince William (Wikimedia Commons)

Kensington Palace just revealed that Prince William will visit Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Ramallah later this month during the first-ever official visit by a member of the British royal family to Israel.

Tiffany Trump, left, Ivanka Trump, and Lara Yunaska. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Prior to her father’s meeting with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, Ivanka Trump tweeted out what she believed to be a Chinese proverb, but many are speculating that she crafted the affirmation herself.

A still from Fortnite (BagoGames/Flickr)

During Nintendo‘s annual E3 keynote address, it was announced that Fortnite, currently the world’s most popular game, is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

Nick Nurse has just been named the Toronto Raptors’ next head coach, becoming the eighth head coach in franchise history.