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Your daily spiel for Thursday, June 22

Jonah Hill. FLICKR

Your Daily Spiel is The CJN’s daily roundup of trending stories in the Jewish world.

Let’s talk about premature ejaculation: Who better to answer tricky and embarrassing sexual health questions than a highly qualified and eloquent Jewish urologist-poet duo? Have a look at CJNews.com’s brand spanking new advice column, Gut’n Busy. First up: what to do about a male partner’s premature ejaculation?

Quick mill’ for day schools: $1.9 million – this was the amount brought in by a whirlwind crowdfunding campaign to raise money for nine Toronto day schools.

Israelis saving lives in Nepal: This week’s Q&A is with Dr. Uri Ilan, the HR manager for the IDF’s military field hospital, on what it was like to be deployed to Nepal, following the 2015 earthquake.

Wait, Warmbier was Jewish? The family of Otto Warmbier, the Cincinnati student imprisoned by North Korea who then died after being sent back in a coma to the United States, was, apparently, Jewish – a fact his family reportedly chose hide to during negotiations for his release.

HIAS honoured by Islamic Relief USA: A Jewish group that resettles refugees in the United States was honoured by the humanitarian organization Islamic Relief USA for its “tireless work assisting refugees and for standing up against the refugee ban in the court of law.”

Women won’t have to move: A Jerusalem court has ruled that Israel’s airline cannot ask a woman to move seats to accommodate a Haredi man who doesn’t want to sit next to her.

Who said nihilistic despair isn’t hot? Does the newly svelte Jonah Hill resemble Bradley Cooper? According to an article in Forward, people on the Internet may be making this claim because “both (Hill and Cooper) have an icy intensity in their eyes that looks like sex on Cooper and nihilistic despair on Hill, probably because Hill is Jewish. (It’s hot on both.)”