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Your daily spiel for Monday, March 27

Jesse Brown's Canadaland broke the Jian Ghomeshi story
Jesse Brown is the host of the podcast Canadaland

Your daily spiel is The CJN’s roundup of Jewish stories trending around the world.

(Too) Jewish in public: The CJN‘s editor-in-chief Yoni Goldstein was interviewed by the  Canadaland podcast for an episode called “Being Jewish in Public.” Listen to Goldstein field questions about the backlash against the media and the Jewish community and whether there’s an “over-concentration of Jews working in the media.”

Canadaland calls out The CJN: And, in a piece on Canadaland‘s site, Alex Verman takes the Canadian Jewish community, and The CJN, to task for failing to feature voices from across the political spectrum.

CHAT north group strikes out: A parent group advocating to keep CHAT’s northern campus open has suffered a blow.

Questioning Kushner: The Senate Intelligence Committee is looking into meetings Donald Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner had with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. back in December.

Haredi men suspected of sex crimes: Twenty-two ultra-Orthodox men were arrested in four Israeli cities on charges of sex crimes against women and minors.