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Your daily spiel for Thursday, Feb. 9

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Your Daily Spiel is The CJN’s daily roundup of trending stories in the Jewish world.

A rock was thrown through the window of a kosher restaurant near downtown Windsor, Ont. Police are investigating whether the incident can be classed as a hate crime.

A former chess master and Russian Jew now living in Winnipeg, Michael Spivak, has brought his chess chops to the Canadian city with a children’s chess club called Erudite.

We’ve been talking a lot about Islamophobia this week, specifically what the Jewish response is/should be here in Canada. CJN‘s editor-in-chief Yoni Goldstein weighs in with his column.

Students at the University of Michigan received hateful emails threatening violence against Jews and blacks. One of the emails had the subject line “Jewish Student Diversity,” but suggested that the SS would “rise again and kill all of your filthy souls.”

No smoking, no littering, no swastikas: The New York subway system has responded to a recent incident involving swastikas scrawled on subway windows and ads by creating signs that prohibits swastikas.

Get out the schmear; it’s National Bagel Day!!!!!! But seriously.

ih (https://www.flickr.com/photos/irisphotos) on FLICKR
ih (https://www.flickr.com/photos/irisphotos) on FLICKR

Last night, Israel’s anti-missile Iron Dome system intercepted at least three missiles fired from the Sinai and aimed at Eilat, which hasn’t been the target of an attack since 2012.