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Your daily spiel for Thursday, March 30

Auschwitz. WIKIPEDIA

Your daily spiel is The CJN’s roundup of Jewish stories trending around the world.

A very unfunny joke: CJN editor Yoni Goldstein writes in his column this week that there’s plenty of real anti-Semitism to fight. Gavin McInnes’s tasteless “jokes” about Jews don’t qualify as such.

Parents peeved at CHAT board: A parent itemizes the reasons for her beef with the TanenbaumCHAT board which rejected a parent-led campaign to “save TCK,” the school’s northern campus.

Just the tip of the iceberg: UJA Federation president Adam Minsky says the closure of TanenbaumCHAT’s northern branch represents a much larger problem facing the Jewish community.

Passover recipes: Stressed about cooking for Pesach? Norene Gilletz profiles an Australian chef’s perfect for pesach cookbook.

Bomb threat no bail: The St. Louis man accused of making at least eight bomb threats against Jewish community centres and the Anti-Defamation League didn’t seek bail during his appearance in a New York Federal Court.

Looting items once looted from Jews: A Polish court has fined British teens for trying to steal several items from the Auschwitz-Birkenau museum.

Salty at the seder? A rebbetzin helps an anxious person heading home for the Passover holidays navigate how to delve deeper at what she fears will be a stilted family seder.

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