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Your daily spiel for Tuesday, March 28

An AIPAC protest back in 2005. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Your daily spiel is The CJN’s roundup of Jewish stories trending around the world.

Exclusion article has errors: The article published in Canadaland yesterday on “How Jewish Media Excludes Jewish Voices” has issued a handful of corrections. One error was about the piece’s original claim that statements from the group Independent Jewish Voices are “prohibited” from The CJN.

Chemistry and diplomacy: Israeli diplomat Danny Ayalon told CJN reporter Paul Lungen that Trump and Netanyahu have good chemistry, and that the U.S. president will “absolutely” try his hand at resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

AIPAC meeting protested: Yesterday’s annual AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) conference drew several hundred protestors organized by a group called IfNotNow, which opposes what it says is AIPAC’s backing for Israel’s occupation of the West Bank (According to JTA, AIPAC doesn’t formally back the occupation and favours a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict).

Speaking of IfNotNow: Activist Sterling Stutz contributes The CJN’s first personal essay, with her piece on longing to be herself in Jewish spaces.

Resolution (no) repeat: At the AIPAC conference, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley told AIPAC that last year’s United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israel for its settlements will not happen again.

A Muslim and a Jew walk into a shul cum bar: Canadian comedians and married couple Eman El Husseini and Jess Salomon are profiled in Tablet this week. The comics, who currently reside in New York and often riff on what it’s like to be a Jewish-Muslim lesbian couple, took the stage at an L.A. venue that was formerly a synagogue.