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Your daily spiel for Tuesday, May 2

Israel Independence Day parade in Jerusalem in 1960. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Your Daily Spiel is The CJN’s daily roundup of trending stories in the Jewish world.

Anti-Semitism at prestigious prep school: Upper Canada College is investigating an incident of anti-Semitic vandalism that targeted a Jewish Grade 7 student several weeks ago.

Precarious work affects Jews, too: A panel hosted by Congregation Darchei Noam’s Social Justice Advocacy Committee stressed that precarious employment cuts across ethnic, religious and class lines, and is negatively impacting workers’ financial circumstances and family formations.

A very cheesy kosher cheetos review: Check out The CJN‘s second instalment of our new weekly web feature, HardCOR Snackie reviews, where HardCOR Snackie herself rates all the kosher snacks she can find.

On pain and prayer: A new personal essay by CJN contributor Emily Glazer is a meditation on queerness, living with a chronic pain disability and Jewish observance (or lack thereof).

UNESCO vote condemns Israel: Today, Israel’s Independence Day, the United Nations’ cultural agency UNESCO passed a resolution to condemn Israel’s sovereignty in Jerusalem. 

Trumps trade thoughts: According to this New York Times article, Ivanka Trump, despite having no prior government or policy experience, “trade[s] thoughts [with the president, her father] from morning until late at night,” and hopes to act as a “moderating force” within the administration.

Arab Israelis happier with status quo?: Curiously, Arab Israelis are more likely than Jewish Israelis to describe Israel’s overall situation as good, a new survey finds.

Israel’s birthday festivities: The Israel Nature and Parks Authority said it had to close some of its national parks due to too many visitors today, as Israelis flocked to parks, beaches and tourist sites to celebrate the country’s 69th Independence Day.

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