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Your daily spiel for Wednesday, March 1

Sen. Bernie Sanders not laughing. WIKI COMMONS PHOTO

Your Daily Spiel is The CJN’s daily roundup of trending stories in the Jewish world.

“Filth of the Jews” comment leads to firing: Ryerson has fired a TA who made anti-Semitic comments at a mosque last year. People react on twitter.

Not just in the U.S.: Calgary’s JCC had to evacuate its premises Monday night after it received a bomb threat.

Temple helps refugees: A Montreal shul helped reunite two Syrian brothers who were unsure if they’d see each other again.

Kids allergic to everything? Mark Mietkiewicz wants you to have an nut, soy and grain-free purim (like, if you want) and his latest column provides a bunch of links to recipes for alternative hamantashen and the like.

Bernie boils it down: Bernie Sanders told the crowd at a J Street conference that it’s possible to seriously criticize the Israeli government and still be pro-Israel. Also, the shot of Bernie laughing warms hearts across the Internet.


Donald Disorients: Donald Trump spoke in a reasonably intelligible manner in his first address to a joint meeting of Congress yesterday. Oh, and he mentioned bomb threats and cemetery vandalism targeting the U.S. Jewish community.

“The reverse:” Earlier, though, Trump said a recent wave of threats against the Jewish community may be a false flag, as in, perpetrated by Jews themselves.

Gunshot at Indiana shul: At an Indiana synagogue today, a gunshot was fired through a Hebrew school classroom.