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Your daily spiel for Friday, September 1

Summer camp (PEXELS photo)

Your Daily Spiel is The CJN’s (almost) daily roundup of trending stories in the Jewish world.

Campus not that bad: According to reporter Lila Sarick’s freshman guide to being Jewish on campus, the Jewish university students interviewed said anti-Semitism and anti-Zionist demonstrations aren’t all that bad on campus.

Deadly enemies: Bernie Farber writes this week about an Islamophobia in Canada that’s so dire, residents of the Quebec town of St-Apollinaire rejected a proposal from the local Muslim community to build their own cemetery outside of town. He goes on to say that “hating Muslims unites deadly enemies.”

Reptile people and classic anti-Semitism: A British former sports broadcaster known for spreading wacky ideas about lizard people in addition to your run-of-the-mill Zionist conspiracy theories, will this weekend give a presentation at a city-operated theatre in Vancouver. Officials have reportedly denied requests from Jewish groups to cancel the show.

Trump appoints man who counted Jews: To head a prominent Washington-based think tank, President Trump has appointed a former White House aide who helped president Nixon record the numbers of Jews working in the Bureau of Labor Statistics – an action Nixon took to address his fears of a “Jewish cabal” conspiring against him in government.

Firebombs for depiction of fiery love affair: A Russian-Jewish filmmaker’s St. Petersburg studio was attacked with firebombs earlier this week due to his upcoming film Matilda. Nationalists are apparently miffed about its portrayal of an affair between Russia’s last cazr and the ballet dancer Matilda Kshesinskaya.

Shelter at summer camps: Jewish summer camps in Texas have been reopening to shelter families forced to flee their Houston homes because of Hurricane Harvey.


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