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Your daily spiel for Tuesday, March 21

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Your daily spiel is The CJN’s roundup of Jewish stories trending around the world.

Which anti-Semite wore it best? Is Ezra Levant anti-Semitic? Has Mel Gibson “recovered” from whatever misconceptions caused his inebriated, anti-Jewish freakout in 2006? CJN columnist Michael Taube compares the charges of anti-Semitism against the two, and their respective reactions to them.

Baycrest beautified: The Terraces of Baycrest is undergoing a $30-million renovation. Read here about the planned upgrades.

Chabad goes real east: There are about 500 Jews in St. John’s, Nfld. Read about why a young Chabad couple have decided to join the mix, and how long they’ll stay.

Ivanka’s corner office: Ivanka Trump scores a swank, second-floor West Wing office, says that while she’s not on the payroll, she’ll continue giving her dad “candid advice.”

Hillel parts ways with LGBTQ group: A Hillel at Ohio State University has cut ties with an LGBTQ group on campus after the latter co-sponsored a Purim drag show with the pro-BDS organization Jewish Voice for Peace.

Holy baseball: After Team Israel surprised everyone (including, it seems, themselves) with their strong performance in the World Baseball Classic, plans apparently may be afoot to build the first ever baseball stadium in Israel.

Green dreams: A joint (heh) Israel-U.S. venture has created a cannabis inhaler designed to help people with difficulty sleeping.


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